Be the Bad-ass You Are… - Approval Junkie No More

Are You a Bad-ass in Disguise?

Do you find yourself doing any of these things?

  • Avoiding Conflict for the sake of protecting other people's feelings?
  • Get a high off of getting other people's approval?
  • Feel like you never really fit in or belong?
  • Give yourself up so other people get what they want?
  • Stuff your feelings and avoid expressing what you feel?
  • Experience anxiety or panic when disappointing someone else?
  • Accommodate other people's feelings and desires in ways that take away from your own happiness and satisfaction?
  • Believe that you're worth is in what you do and not who you are?

If so, you're actually a bad-ass that has been taught to show up as an approval junkie.  

What's an Approval Junkie?

They're bad-asses that have a huge heart, deep empathic abilities, and much to offer the world.  They've suffered a terrible tragedy, though.   They were raised by narcissistic and abusive parents or "trusted authorities".  

They were taught to avoid being themselves at all costs (including giving up who they are repeatedly) in order to get love and attention they naturally deserved to have anyway. 

These bad-asses developed highly tuned skills of pleasing others, fixing, care-taking and rescueing in order to what love was available to them.   Their natural empathic abilities were kicked into over-drive rather than being honed into the self-caring, self-choosing magic they really are. 

We've had it backwards all this time...

I learned a critical secret over the last ten years of growing and living from my inner bad-ass (vs dying slowly as an approval junkie):  LIFE WORKS BACKWARDS FOR US. 

My entire life became filled with love, connection, belonging and satisfaction when I discovered that I was going at life in a way that was opposite of how real love, geunine connection and honest relationship actually work. 

See, we were trained to give up ourselves, and by doing so, we would be loved, praised, adored and included.  Yet, that isn't what's happening, is it?

No, instead we find ourselves empty, lost, upset, and used. We feel small, worthless and isolated. We ache from the deep longing to belong, to be loved, and to matter. And yet, even after all our years of giving, giving, giving, nothing has changed.

Now, I've found the way that actually works. This "way" is what I call, "The Way of Being Bad-ass"...

The Way of Being Bad-ass Will Make You Powerful In Your Life

We need to have a framework, a precise strategy, that gives us what we must know in order to succeed in filling our needs, wants and dreams.  I developed such a thing over the past ten years of working out my own inner people-pleaser, control, and approval junkies.   I call it, "The Way of Being Bad-ass".

This Way is made up of ten simple laws.  These laws act as the "physics" or "rules" of relating to life in a way that gets us what we actually deserve (and that deserving is love, connection, being respected, heard, acknowledged, valued for who we are, etc). 

They're deceptively simple laws.  Don't let that fool you.  When you understand them and apply them, you will see nearly immediate changes in yourself and in your life.  Click "Get the Way of Being Bad-ass" below to get your FREE copy of these laws and start applying them to your life right now.

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