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Marshall Burtcher, Former Approval Junkie

Imagine feeling safe to take action on your dreams,

Feeling appreciated, respected, and that you belong...

Without Giving Up Your Dreams, Your Desires, Yourself...

My clients experience this every day. You Can Too.

I'll show you how with my exclusive Step-by-step strategy...

Being loved for who you are, being respected for what you do, taking fearless action on your dreams despite people's disappointment - none of this magic (although I understand it can appear like it is!).  Instead, its the result of a relational mindsets, energy and behavior you've not learned ...yet.  What looks like magic is actually a simple set of steps that the confident and self-assured people have as habits.  

Deep down, you want to feel included, like its safe to be yourself, express yourself, and even act on your desires...

You want to be heard when you share your insights (or even just a joke)...

You want to see the faces of those you love light up when you do something special for them...

You want to hear those words of appreciation and gratitude...to know that you matter to them and what you did meant something to them...

You want to hear their words of support, celebration, and encouragement as you take on your desires and act for yourself...

But you are blocked by this intense hunger for their approval, and this deep fear of their rejection and disappointment...

You find yourself second-guessing your desires, changing them at the suggestion of doubt or criticism...

You lose yourself in all the "what if's" as you try to figure out how to make them happy...

You wrestle with the nauseous feeling of disappointing them...

You're panicked at the idea that you may make a mistake...

The idea of sharing your feelings makes you freeze with terror...what if they left??

This is your Approval Junkie acting out.

But it doesn't have to be this way (more on this later). 

I want you to meet Marcus.  He's a client that came to me because he was struggling with procrastination and anxiety about disappointing his parents. 

Example #1:  Marcus (name changed for privacy reasons)

Marcus struggled with taking action because of his fear of rejection and criticism from his parents.  We immediately jumped into the Approval Junkie No More™ Course.

Over the next 90 days, Marcus and I dug into his resistance to change and into his self-image confidence.  He discovered that his inner Junkie was holding hostage his sense of belonging and worthiness.  It was using a couple of intense childhood memories to keep him "in check".  This part of him needed permission from his parents/friend to feel worthy of love and success.   Through a process of shifting his emotional association to those events and taking back his personal authority to act on his behalf, Marcus began to experience a natural sense of confidence and curiosity.  He started taking on the uncomfortable responsibilities, empowering and enjoying his pleasurable activities, and taking action towards his larger goals.  He began feeling included.  He started noticing that his feelings mattered, too.  That his desires mattered.  He mattered.   His inner Junkie was finally getting the approval it really needed in order to let his inner Bad-ass take over the show.

Today he's thriving in school, socializing, and dating.

Wouldn't you want to lose that paralyzing fear of their disapproval?  What if that could be done quickly and simply? I've found the way...

Its taken me years - twelve years of study, 1000s of hours in personal experience and in professional training and coaching worth over $20,000 - to discover how to make this kind of work easier, quicker, and EFFECTIVE.  I've spent the last 12 months and $5000 alone testing new approaches to ensure my clients get the highest quality RESULTS out there. 

I've distilled all this into 10 easy-to-follow steps that result in more freedom to live your life your way, more belonging and love, and more of a sense of worth and meaning in your life.

I've done all the leg-work for you.  All you have to do is apply these 10 steps to your life.   You'll know exactly what to do with disappointing others, rejection and shame.  You'll know how to respond to your Junkie so that it goes silent.  You'll know how to choose and  from your Bad-ass so you're getting what you want in life - all of this so you can see immediately results.

$497.00 (50% off $997.00)

Think of what you will lose out on if you don't take action today... money, energy,  love, TIME. 

Imagine the thrill taking that action you've dreams of doing despite people's criticism and disappointment only to find yourself surrounded by people that celebrate and applaud you. Their faces light up when you walk in the room.  They love your jokes.  They respect what you have to say.  And they appreciate all that you give them.  They respect your action and express confidence and faith your dreams. 

Remember, this isn't 'magic.  All it requires is your action and a proven system that develops your magnetic confidence and love that draws in the people and relationships that just adore and appreciate you.

My next example proves this:

Example #2: Darci (name also changed for privacy purposes)

Darci came to me because she was struggling with a divorce and failed marriage to a narcissist.  Her sense of worth and value was deep in the gutter.  She was numb to her own sense of self.  She found that she was doing a lot of proving and approval habits in order to try to keep control of other people, and thus access to LOVE and validation. 

Over the next 12 months, Darci and I tackled her powerlessness and her approval habit through the 10 Steps. She began to see a light at the end of her tunnel.  She found hope again.  Then curiosity.  Curiosity and relief filled her world.  "I can do this..."  Those words brought us both to tears.  She'd come so far, and now she knew she was worth it.

Today she's reshaping her world by building her own business, building deep, loving relationships and friendships, and choosing herself first. 

Hundreds of everyday people just like you have been transformed through this system.  I've proven I can teach anyone how to quickly forge that magnetic, sexy confidence that transforms relationships, careers, and lives. 

Plus, I know how to make the entire process actually exciting and enjoyable (believe it or not!). 

Let's take an in-depth look at this (this is taken from the actual course!).

Approval Junkie No More™ is all about giving you the framework that empowers you to live a life you love, a life you wake up happy to experience, a life you deliberately created based on what happiness means for you.

This new life and framework is utterly opposite of where you're at right now.  Currently, you've been operating from a framework that requires you to:

  • Give up your boundaries to get love from other people
  • Avoiding conflict in order to get love from other people
  • Push aside your feelings and your priorities in order to get love from other people
  • Made you feel responsible for how other people feel (and sometimes act!)
  • Ignore your own boundaries, wants, needs, and complaints in order to get love from other people
  • That is reactive to other people's feelings and responses to your choices, emotions, and desires
  • Leaves your happiness and YOU out of the equation of your life
  • Forces you to contort who you are to fit into a shape that isn't conducive to your happiness

I turn this around by introducing a new framework - the 10 Steps: 

  • Step One: Retrieve and Live From Your Real Power returns your permission and power back into your hands. This enables you to take deliberate action, understand your natural boundaries, and that you deserve to be your own person. No more feeling powerless and dependent on their approval or opinions.
  • Step Two: Your Superpower gives you the ability to change and grow on YOUR terms, rather than the whim of others criticisms and judgments. Discover what really works, and become your own expert on your life.
  • Step Three: Emotional Evolution takes your emotions and makes them a gift and a tool that propels you forward into your desires rather than being stuck and frustrated.  More freedom and peace are in your future!
  • Step Four: Choose You First puts you in first position in your decisions (rather than last!) so you start getting more of what you want.  Start enjoying life the way that works for you!
  • Step Five: Liking and Loving Who You Are gives you the real truth behind self-esteem, liking yourself, and building bad-ass, resilient confidence.  Enjoy actually feeling strong and capable in doing your dreams!
  • Step Six: Respect, Praise and Appreciate You creates concrete self-confidence, love, and brings out your natural ability to connect and love, and be loved without all the strings attached that come from codependent relationships.  Say hello to thriving self-love and satisfaction in your relationships
  • Step Seven: Be Deliberate in Your Relating gives you the skills and clarity to choose healthy relationships from the get-go, to resolve and handle conflict with expertise, and to bond securely with others.  Say goodbye to toxic relationships!  Say hello to loving, caring connection and belonging!
  • Step Eight: Confront Problems and Conflicts Confidently makes problems and difficulties a source of magic and opportunity for you.  No more anxiety about what to do, and no more feeling lost in the fray of live
  • Step Nine: Live Deliberately empowers your goals with right action, clarity, and brings YOUR purpose into focus so you can direct your life on your terms. 
  • Step Ten: Commit to Being the Bad-ass You Are ensures that you stick to the Steps, ending self-sabotage and guaranteeing your long-term success and satisfaction.  Say No! to repeating those old patterns!

Here's how the Steps work with each other:

They each compliment and support each other.  This is what makes this system successful (currently at 89% success rate.  Success is defined as major progress towards goal or achievement of goal). 

Remember, I've done all the leg-work for you.   That means you don't need to read 20 self-help books, watch 4000 you-tube videos, or fumble around wondering if you're doing it right (although that is entirely reasonable if you want to do it on your own).  I provide clear guidelines that help you gauge your process, define your success, and give you the steps so you know you're doing it right.   

$497.00 (50% off $997.00)

Approval Junkie No More™ Gives You:

A Sneak-Peek At The Steps*...

*Because the course is in BETA, these steps may change based on participant's feedback!  More may be added!  This is just glimpse into the magic I'm creating for you!

  • Step One: Retrieving Your Real Power - thrive from your own natural sense of power and influence in your world.
  • Step Two: Your Superpower - did you know that you have a superpower that naturally transforms your world when you apply it?  You can't make anything change without this.
  • Step Three: Emotional Evolution - liberate who you are from shame, guilt, loathing, fear and anxiety that has defined you in the past
  • Step Four: You Come First - making No and Yes empowered words that work for you AND others because you know what you want and don't want
  • Step Five: Loving & Liking You  - finally feel the self-love and confidence you deserve
  • Step Six: Respect, Praise and Appreciation - forge magnetic confidence,  draw in respect, praise, appreciation from yourself AND others
  • Step Seven: Deliberate Relating - making socializing, love and friendship easy, natural, safe and fulfilling
  • Step Eight: Confident Conflict & Problem Solving - thrive in difference and conflict by applying this simple approach
  • Step Nine: Living Deliberately - goals, desires, dreams become real because you know what you really want
  • Step Ten: Committed Living As the Bad-ass You Are - thrive in your life because you are consistently maintaining the core principles of being Bad-ass, and loving You.
Online Instruction

Duration: Typically 30 minutes once a week

The Steps are instructed through:

  • Video
  • Audio/MP3
  • PDF/written instruction
  • Simple Daily Activities you can do anywhere, anytime
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Connect, build friendships, and grow your confidence and insight through sharing with fellow bad- asses!

We have a weekly schedule of experiments, sharing and celebration!

Live Q&A & Support

Interval: Weekly

Live Q&A once a week to assist you in adopting and curating the processes to your specific needs and circumstances.

Recordings are included so you can access them at any time!

Special Bonuses #1 : Emotion Mastery™ Library

($297.00 value) - Gain confidence with proven tools that help you move through your emotions and gain the insight and wisdom they provide, as well as the peace that comes with developing closure and release.

Special Bonus #2
  • Core Priorities™ Process:

($27.00 value) Discover your ingredients to your personal happiness and satisfaction with life through this simple process

To Review:

  • You get the 10 Steps™ that lead to respect, appreciation, belonging, and bad-ass confident thriving in your life
  • Takes only minutes a day to apply, experiment and discover (this makes transformation easy, fast, and fun)
  • Easy! Just follow the instructions!
  • Proven results for people just like you
  • Easy Access on your phone, PC or MAC

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