2 – Handling the Disappointment of Others Like a Bad-*ss - Approval Junkie No More

Isn't it time to live your life on YOUR terms?

The #1 Hurdle People-pleasers Face is the Fear of  Disappointing and Hurting the Feelings of Others

How would you like to break past that barrier and finally get real results in your life?

Let's Be Real Here...

You and I have been to these pages before.  We both know what is about to happen. 

See, I'm going to say something like, "I've been where you're at. I've suffered under the anxiety and panic of pleasing others." 

And you'll just say to yourself, "uh huh..." and feel that temptation to click away.

Then the next line I give you is, "No seriously. I have. I grew up feeling like my only safety in life was when my parents where pleased with what I did.  I felt loved and wanted when they liked what I did. "

This will resonate.  "Maybe, just maybe, Marshall does know a bit about my experience."

But because this is a page that can't interact or respond to you, I can't know that for sure.

But what I do know is that you're here because you want help.  You want relief.  You want happiness. And you want it without hurting others.  

That gut-swallowing ugh when someone feels hurt can feel overwhelming and controlling. 

The anxiety and panic that grips our hearts and minds when we know what we're going to do will disappoint them. 

Its real. Its valid.

And its not your fault. 

In fact, it is something you were taught to feel.   You learned very early on that choosing yourself and asking for what you wanted meant punishment, criticism and sometimes neglect or other abuses.

That isn't your fault.  Those feelings are your body telling you, "hey!  this is scary! it looks like the same thing we experienced in the past!" 

They are trying to protect you.

But that gets in the way of love, relationships, dreams and success, doesn't it?

You're right, and it gets better.  Because there is a way through this. 

See, life works backwards for us people-pleasers.  We believe that when we give ourselves up for love, others will do this, too.

But that isn't happening is it? 

That's because Love actually starts with ourselves.  It starts with choosing our selves first.  First in value.  First in time.  First in happiness.  First in rest. 


This leads to disappointing others inevitably.  And it should.


Because you are destined for something greater than just "fitting in" and "belonging". 

Because your actual innate value is far greater than what you do for others or how you make them feel.

Because your difference and your uniqueness is actually a GIFT to this world and is needed and wanted.

Its this difference, this magic of who you are, that challenges you to live beyond your comfort zone of other people's approval. 

You've felt that, haven't you?  That gut-level call to be more than where you're at.

See, I share the same desire. 

I want to be included, loved and to belong. But the big challenge here is to have that WITHOUT GIVING MYSELF UP. 

And no where I looked really had the answers.  They all said, "be yourself". 

"Just go with the flow."

"Give up pleasing everyone."

"You can't satisfying everybody!"

None of this really helped. 

So I dug deeper and started exploring.   I knew there must be a way to have thriving relationships without giving myself up.

I knew there had to be a way to undo the panic, anxiety and obsessive thinking I had about other people's disappointment in my choices or actions. 

I found it. 

It starts with the idea of "taking up space".

This transformed how I saw myself and my place in the world.

Then came the "two relationship strategies".  

This lifted that confusing fog my mind had lived in about relationships for years.   I could see clearly what was really happening and make the choices that mattered most to me at that point.

But that didn't impact the anxiety I felt. 

That's when I found this tool called, "Affirming Questions" and "Release Questions."

These are based on an emotional release system called "The Sedona Method". 

I took their format and created a series of questions that bring almost immediate emotional relief.

Then I connected them with what I call "Exploratory Questions".

BAM.  I found myself seeing myself differently, acting differently, and choosing myself FIRST. 

This transformed how I dealt with disappointed people and my own life. 

And it will transform yours. 

What You'll Get

  • ​Instant Online Access
  • Step-by-step Personal Instruction by Me through 6 Videos in Using the Release, Affirming, and Exploratory Questions
  • ​Personal Instruction on the "Two Strategies of Relationship" and my Custom Eval to Help You Know Which One You're In at ANY TIME
  • 3 Instructional PDFs to guide you through the exercises and tools so you get results fast and easily
  • 12 MP3 meditations that help you create concrete confidence
  • Community Support, Insight and Love
  • Two Secret Bonuses!

What You'll Create

  • Peace with Disappointing Others
  • Relief from Anxiety and Dread of Hurting Their Feelings
  • Personal, Resilient Confidence
  • Better Understanding of What Kind of Relationship You Want in Your Life
  • More Easy and Joy in Taking Action
  • Deeper Peace and Energy In Your Daily Life

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Why This Won't Work For You...

Change is a scary prospect, especially when we've been criticized, attacked, emotionally punched, and put down for changing our opinions, feelings, views, etc.

So its no wonder you may be weary of taking this leap.   "Can I do this?  Can I actually change?"

I know you can, but I have a biased point of view (and a motive to encourage you to believe that). 

So, rather than me convincing you you can do it, lets do a perception experiment:

1) When have you changed something in your life?  Describe to yourself that memory

2) When have you regretted NOT changing something?  What was that like? What was lost?

3) When have you regretted making a change?  What happened?  What did you learn?  What would you do differently?

See, you've made change.  You've made smart change and some scary change that failed. 

Why did you make that change?

What did you want that change?

My best guess is you believed it would make your life better.  You wanted the RESULT.

Now, when you look at the changes that failed, what was missing?  Was it a structured plan?  Was it having real-time support?  Was it the lack of insight from others who have been there?  Was it a lack of action?

Knowing this will reveal what you can change right now make success actually predictable in your life.

"Handling the Disappointment of Others Like a Bad-ass" gives you the structure to follow, the real-time support you need, and the insight of others who've walked this path.   I've got those bases covered through step-by-step instruction and guidance.

All that is really lacking is your ACTION.  That's why this won't work for you.  Because you will CHOOSE for it not to. 

That said, I offer a 30-day Guarantee.  But its a different Guarantee.  Check it out:


I'll gladly refund your investment if you've done the following:

  • Completed the Course
  • Applied it to your situation at least 3 times with 3 different people
  • Reached out in the Bad-ass U community for support
  • Spoken to me personally about how to make it work for you

You've got 30 days to do this.  You can apply the course and its teachings within an hour of starting it.

If you request a refund without doing these steps, I will deny it.  I want your success because that is also MY success.  By giving me a chance, I will do my mostest to get you the results you are seeking with this course.   Only after this, will I refund your money.   Deal?

Begin today for $197.00

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