Wall of Bad-asses - Approval Junkie No More

​The work that he has done has had a profound impact on the way I now look at my life and the world. He has opened my eyes to things that in the back of my mind I thought were possible, but “I” never let them come to be, out of fear. Marshall has helped open that door, and now I believe that my eyes are truly starting to open and I am beginning to see the path that has been laid before me. I still have a lot to get through, but I know that I will succeed, and Marshall will be there to help me when needed. Words themselves cannot truly express the appreciation and respect I have for Marshall and all that he has done for not only me, but for my wife as well. Thank you Marshall

James A.
West Valley, UT

Since working with Marshall I have been able to resolve many emotional issues that I had been working on for several years. I feel empowered with strategies and tools that he has taught me to deal with things as they come up, such as doing a white light meditation, going through the process of understanding, accepting and allowing, and recognizing mind spin. I have experienced greater self awareness and am growing towards living my truth and allowing myself to be imperfect in my journey because of his support and encouragement. My awareness of energy has grown and I continually feel more comfortable exploring and growing in new directions. I have experienced improved awareness of energy and greater skill in observing this and relating to others. Marshall is very compassionate, respectful and talented both as a healer and a teacher and I highly recommend him to anyone who is searching for a healing experience and who wants to grow into an authentic life.​

Kathleen R.
Alberta, Canada

Marshall is a straightforward, intuitive life coach. He has great insight and vision and shares this with you. With each step of the way he explains where he is and where he is going with you. Working with him personally has increased my skills in identifying patterns that no longer serve me and identifying the wound and allowing that wound to be released to where i can see things clearly and have flow in my life! I am grateful for his part in my life and would highly recommend him as a personal life coach.

Through his life coaching, I now have fulfilling relationships with equal energy exchange and am now entering into a new business as a result of the clarity and vision i have attained for my life purpose

Jackie S.
Chicago, IL

Marshall’s gift of insight and skill as a life coach give him a unique ability to efficiently?facilitate authentic change. With his help, I’ve been able clearly see and let go of my attachment to past trauma gain a sense of grounding, and find genuine compassion for myself. As a result, I am experiencing a new sense of peace and have been able to develop my own sense of intuition and internal compass. I’ve been able to let go of harmful relationships, and move forward into a new life. Working with Marshall has been a pivotal experience in my life, and, thankfully, I will never be the same.

  Kate M.
Corvallis, OR

Marshall is compassionate, empathetic and honest. Working with him has literally changed my life. Several times I have gotten stuck and I have worked with Marshall to vent, get insight or to gain healing J. It is said that all healing is self healing, but a guide that can see into your blind spots (and help YOU see them) and pry you loose when you are stuck, is invaluable. You cannot put a price tag on what he can do for you. There is nothing like it. Think about how much anxiety and unhappiness cost your life in terms of health, peace of mind and addictions and you begin to get a sense of the cost of what “normal” approaches get you.

I cannot express what it feels like to get past issues or to clear blocked energies that have hampered your quality of life and what it feels like on the other side. I’ve done therapy, it was fantastic, but Marshall took me further into my own peace, wisdom and Self than I could have ever done alone.

It will blow your mind and change your life. He’s that good, if you are ready. And aren’t you?

  Todd E.
North Carolina